Liam McAlister


Why did you choose this number: I played #7 in junior hockey, it seemed every goalie was #30+, so – 30+7=37
D.o.B: 10/8/89
Nickname: Mac.
Favourite Night Out: The Bay
Favourite Holiday Destination: Malia.
Favourite Smell: Milk.
Favourite Drink: Martini – stirred!.
Most Embarrassing Moment: Kissing a guy on BBC3!
Have you any brothers and sisters: 1 brother
Favourite childhood memory: When I met Jeremy Cornish in Whitley Bay Ice House.
Favourite Food: KFC.
Describe yourself: Pure WKD.
Have you any pets: I had 2 goldfish – 1 was killed by a cat, the other was poisoned with bleach!.
Liam played in the Elite League as back up in the Newcastle Vipers squad, prior to this he played in the Northern League for 5 years with the Whitley Warriors. He is already showing his ability as our netminder.