Jeremy Cornish

#11 Coach 

Why did you choose this number: Favourite NHL player – Mark Messier
D.o.B: 7/12/79.
Nickname: Corny.
Favourite Night Out: Newcastle.
Favourite Holiday Destination: Maldives.
Favourite Smell: The Locker Room.
Favourite Drink: Jack Daniels and Ginger Ale.
Most Embarrassing Moment: ??
Have you any brothers and sisters: 1 sister – Stephanie.
Favourite childhood memory: Christmas.
Favourite Food: Steak.
Describe yourself: Friendly.
Have you any pets: Obi the Irish Terrier.
Big Canadian, Jeremy Cornish, heads the Raiders for his forth season as player coach. At 6’4”, he commands a lot of respect on and off the ice, having come to us after several years in the country’s top flight Elite League. Jeremy hails from Ontario and before his time on the island, was assistant coach of Elite League Basingstoke Bison. He plays on the wing and is never one to back off a challenge. Having now completed his degree, he has maintained his reputation for keeping the team fit and focused, training the team during the week and getting them fit before the game – watch him put the team through their paces outside the rink before each game!