Dan Pye


Why did you choose this number: Was given it when I was a kid
D.o.B: 5/10/90
Nickname: Pyza
Favourite Night Out: Whitley Bay
Favourite Holiday Destination: Norway
Favourite Smell: Hockey Changing Room.
Favourite Drink: Newcastle Brown Ale.
Most Embarrassing Moment: Crashing car while asleep!
Have you any brothers and sisters: 2 sisters, 1 brother
Favourite childhood memory: First time on the ice.
Favourite Food: Black Jacks.
Describe yourself: Tall!! Pretty weird – I’m a hockey player!!
Have you any pets: 2 cats.
Favourite Player: Anyone called “Jimmy”!
Standing at 6’4”, Dan is sure to intimidate the opposition as he returns for his second season in a Raiders jersey. He already shows leadership qualities and will look to be a solid defenceman in this ever improving, strong, league.