Dan Weller-Evans


Why did you choose this number: Favourite NHL Goalie.
D.o.B: 25/10/1993
Nickname: No, Dweeb, D-Dubz
Favourite Night Out: Don’t really go out – I’m boring!!
Favourite Holiday Destination: Cyprus.
Favourite Smell: Hockey smell.
Favourite Drink: Monster Energy.
Most Embarrassing Moment: Too many to mention!!
Have you any brothers and sisters: 1 brother.
Favourite childhood memory: First hockey game.
Favourite Food: BBQ Chicken.
Describe yourself: Lanky, pretty quiet, I’m a goalie!
Have you any pets:

Dan comes to us from the Under 18 league. He played for us last season as second net minder under Matt Colclough, as well as getting more ice time with the Tigers. Dan is always ready to step up between the pipes when called on. He is a good team player and always popular with the fans, giving that big beaming smile at the end of each match, even if he has stood all of the game on the bench! Watch this netminder as he gets more experienced.