Statement from Ryde Arena Trust

A Trustee meeting was held Saturday when it was agreed that we will drain all of the glycol out of the chiller and ice pad coolant circuit. This involves approximately 7000 litres of glycol being drained, replaced with new, together with the purchase of two new pumps. The glycol can be delivered by Wednesday, however we are currently sourcing a quote and delivery date for the pumps. Although this is not a new situation, quotes were not obtained at the appropriate time. The Trust is now actioning this.

We have now received confirmation from the insurance loss adjuster that the landlord has accepted a cash settlement in lieu of refitting the damaged end of the building. The Trust will now only run the “rink” area, as we have been doing since February. The remaining area will be left for the landlord to decide its future. As of now the damaged end of the building is not part of our operation. Anything that is currently in there and is owned by us will be relocated in due course. The Trust sees this as a positive development in the proceedings. We can now move forward with a clear understanding of how we will operate and our responsibilities.

With the repairs to all electrics within the rink area, a new dehumidifier, a more visible and better located entrance, new reception and office area, skate hire racks and now the agreed work for new pumps we are in a positive position moving forward. We will continue to sell hot and cold drinks and snacks from reception and run an events bar for hockey. Depending on the delivery date for the pumps, we are hoping to reopen to the public on Friday 5th August for a disco session with a fun open day on Saturday 6th August. A promotional plan has been developed for the opening, copies are available from Lorna. If you wish to contribute with any ideas please don’t hesitate to put them forward via Lorna for consideration.

Thank you for your continued support. Fiona

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