U13s Streatham match report

Streatham vs Junior Raiders

The under 13’s travelled to Streatham in the hope of regaining 3 rd place in the league. The first period saw Streatham open the scoring in the first minute of the game. Kodi Coles took a shot which rebounded off the netminder to the Streatham defence. Another shot from Oakley Shaw-Lusted was caught by the keeper. The Raiders were playing well but struggled to find the net with another missed chance when Oliver Smith took a shot.George Terry and Seb Darleston-Jones did some great passing to avoid the Streatham frontmen before K Coles made another attempt at the net. The Raiders were attacking when Streatham managed to break away. Levi Coles made the save which was flicked away by the defence. K Coles took a slap shot from just inside the attack zone which was brilliantly saved by the Streatham netminder. This was followed by a Shaw-Lusted shot that narrowly missed the net. In the 11 th minute Streatham widened their lead with a second goal. Luke Murray had a chance at the goal before K Coles got the Raiders first goal in the 14th minute. Raiders were fighting back with a scuffle on the line with Shaw-Lusted, K Coles and Smith before the buzzer went ending the period 2-1.

The second period started well with some great teamwork from Smith and Coles. Shaw-Lusted managed a shot which was blocked before attempting to wrap another round the post but Streathams’ netminder was good. The puck was kept in the attack zone by Terry before another shot was made. Jack Sheaf again kept the puck in play with a pass to Murray which was knocked wide. Finally the Raiders were rewarded with the equaliser when Terry took a shot from the edge of the zone. Streatham then received a 2 minute penalty for holding but their defence fought hard to keep the visitors from scoring with attempts from Murray and Smith. The team attacked well with plenty of chances from Terry and Coles denied by the netminder. Then Shaw-Lusted made a break away which resulted in the Raiders taking the lead going into the final period 3-2.

The final period saw Streatham fighting from the start with a save from the Raiders netminder but K Coles made a break and scored in the 31 st minute. Another save from L Coles was made and again from the face off Shaw-Lusted passed the puck to K Coles for his hat- trick in the 32 nd minute. Streatham attacked leaving the Raiders defence scrabbling forcing L Coles to make a save. Smith and Coles made a break but Streatham grabbed the puck for another shot. K Coles was passed the puck again but a fantastic save stopped him from scoring again. Another penalty for Streatham saw them a player down when they got 2 minutes for tripping. The whistle was blown for offside and Streatham did well to hold off their opponents. During a player change the puck hit a Raiders skate which saw them serving a 2minute penalty for too many players on the ice. Seb Darleston-Jones did great defence work to hold off Streatham in the power play. Back to full strength and K Coles added to his tally with another goal in the 40 th minute. Just 10 seconds later he scored again taking the score to 7-2. Raiders fought to get another goal with some great teamwork from Smith, Shaw-Lusted and Murray and L Coles making a save.

A fantastic game from the whole team which saw Shaw-Lusted awarded Man of the Match and George Terry spirit of the game.

Final Score Streatham – 2 Junior Raiders – 7

Man of the Match – Oakley Shaw-Lusted

Spirit of the Match – George Terry

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