Semi-final time!

Well, here we are again the the semi-finals against one of our main rivals, the Invicta Dynamos. They completed the regular season one point ahead of us in second place and these two games should be very close. They are once again lead by Callum Fowler and he has brought a bit more offensive fire-power they were lacking earlier in the season.

We have just come off a first round win against the Solent Devils and Alex Murray deserves full credit for how far he has taken that club in the last couple years. They gave us a scare early on Saturday night, but our guys regrouped and came away with a strong lead to carry over into the Sunday game.

Our guys have been working extremely hard this week in training and it is certain that they don’t want this to be their last weekend of hockey. We only have a small number of players from last years play-off success and I need those guys to carry us and lead the way this weekend.

Hope you enjoy the game and fingers crossed for one more coaches comments next weekend.


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