Play-off time!

Welcome to tonight’s game, it’s our first play-off game against the Solent Devils. Play-off time is my favourite time of year and even though winning the league is a huge accomplishment for any team, the play-off are the players favourite trophy to win.

We have had a couple fantastic results against Solent lately, but come play-off time everyone gets a clean slate. We need to make sure we don’t take the Devils lightly, former Raider Alex Murray has done a wonderful job building a team with a limited budget and getting them to play hard for him each week.

Our team has been playing some decent hockey the last couple months and I hope we have hit our stride at the right time. We changed up the lines a few weeks back and that has seemed to refresh the lineup and goals have been coming our way.

We are really looking forward to tonight and hope we can get to our sixth play-off final appearance in seven years. We want to defend our play-off championship from last year and tonight is our first opportunity to do so.

Get behind the guys and make sure they can hear you!


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