Almost Christmas!

Apologies- due to technical difficulties- including being out of the country, followed by the dreaded sickness bug this is a little late in being posted by admin!!! Happy New Year all.


Well, what an eventful last couple weeks for the rink and the team. We were at the rink last night and saw the scaffolding was up and work looks like it’s coming along. It really couldn’t have come at a better time for the team, considering we have had a couple weeks off thanks to the fixtures. I’m positive the rink will get done soon and the team will be back on home ice where we like to be.

December 19th is an important date for people to put in their calendars, we are holding a Christmas sale at Blaze Cafe Bar and for those that don’t know, the proceeds of the merchandise table go towards our travel and a number of other things. It would be great to see as many fans as possible get down there on the 19th and buy some Raiders goodies! I know Victoria has a lot of stock and since we haven’t been playing at home the last couple weeks, they haven’t been able to raise the important funds that are needed to keep the team going behind the scenes. I urge people to go on down and pick a few things up for Christmas.

Even though we haven’t had many games of late, the team has been getting together for spin classes on the island and the guys have been keeping their fitness levels up. We have a huge game this Sunday in Streatham and it would be great to end the year on a win. Streatham have had a number of mixed results the last few weeks and I know they would like to creep back up the table where they were at the start of the year.

One good thing about our recent lay off is that the guys have been able to get healthy, we had a few knocks and the time has let us heal and get ready for what is going to be a busy second half of the year.

I know I have missed our home games on the Island, so I’m sure our supporters are craving some hockey. We are looking forward to getting back to the Cube and we will need all of your support to chase Chelmsford in the standings.


See you in a few weeks and on behalf of the team and myself, we hope everyone has a safe and happy Christmas.



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