Well, what a weekend. We came out close winners on Saturday against a much improved Milton Keynes Thunder squad and last night lost to Oxford away from home. I wasn’t at the game on Saturday, but I’ve heard we were very lucky to get a win.
I would be lying if I said I was not disappointed with the start of the season so far. We have made major upgrades in the positions that we thought we needed to, but defensively we are making some terrible mistakes that are costing us. I have always had teams that are responsible in our own end, but for some unknown reason we looked like a pee-wee team at times last night. On a positive note, once we got playing last night we made a decent come back, but it wasn’t enough and in this league every single point is crucial if you want to be contending for the league.
The fixtures don’t get any easier either, with a trip from Invicta on Saturday and an away trip to Guildford on Sunday for our second game of the EPL Cup. This week in training we are going to strip things right back and go back to basics. It’s no surprise we are going through these problems. We have a lot of new faces and getting used to playing together does take time, but the unfortunate thing is that we can’t afford to lose points along the way.
I still like the quality we have and the mistakes we are making can be improved in training. We have a good group that want to win so I’m going to make sure I do my bit try to improve this team.
Hope to see everyone on Saturday.

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