Team All Set!

We have made our last two signings this week and now I am really looking forward to getting the season started. The summer seems to be dragging along, but we all know that once the season starts it is a busy time for everyone involved.
Now that the team is set, I will be be ordering our new shirts. We have changed the design this season, but we will be staying with the same colours. The next step after designing the shirt is asking the players what numbers and sizes they want. This is always fun because I think a number really is a hockey players identity on the ice. I’ve worn number 11 for most of my career because my favourite player as a kid was Mark Messier. Some people may ask what happens when a player wants the same number that is already taken. Well, on our team the player that has the number already has priority on it. Some teams it could be the more senior player get the choice they want no matter if it’s taken already, but I prefer it the way we do it. On a couple of different occasions I wore 22 because 11 was taken and doubling the number is common practice if your original choice is taken.
I guess now we can look forward to the new season, this should be the most competitive season yet in the NIHL. This will be my sixth year on the Island and the league has improved every year so far. I like the mix of our team so far, we’ve brought in a couple older guys this year and should provide us some additional leadership.
Steve has been working extremely hard this off-season. He is chasing up player sponsors for this year, so if you or anyone you know is interested in sponsoring a player this year make sure to get in touch with him.
I’ll have another update in a couple weeks.

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