One game, one point weekend

I must admit, I love writing these comments after a four point weekend, but when we drop points I really don’t enjoy it. This past weekend we traveled to Streatham’s fantastic new rink and played the Redskins.
We have had some mixed results lately and I really don’t believe we have recovered since our defeat in Chelmsford two weeks ago. We had our two best training sessions of the year this past week and I really thought we would take the two points. We seem to go up quick in games or we seem to concede early in games, and this Saturday we went up two goals and looked to be in the driving seat. For some reason when we do give up a goal, our heads drop. I’m sure the fans can see it, because I noticed it from the stands on Saturday as I sat out the first of a two game ban.
Streatham didn’t give up and to their credit earned that draw. We need to learn how to close out games, when we are up two goals on a team, players need to check their egos at the door and play defence. We have the scoring power to get ourselves out of trouble, but we aren’t taking pride in playing in our own end. Over the years, fans have said we need scoring and we addressed that issue, but as a coach I preferred having guys that wanted to prevent goals. I do think we have those guys on our team, but I’m not sure everyone is buying in to our style of hockey.
We have a very exciting weekend of hockey coming up, the League Cup semi-final against Chelmsford. We will be looking at our defensive game this week in training and I’m hoping another video session can answer some of the questions.
If we play the way I know we can, we can be optimistic about bringing home some silverware this year. We are still in contention for three trophies and it’s my job to prepare the team accordingly.
We need a loud Ryde arena this Saturday night and I’m hoping it’s another packed rink, thanks again for all the support.

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