This past weekend was massive for our team, we faced London at home and then headed to Chelmsford on Sunday for a top of the table clash.
Saturday night we came away 7-6 winners in a very odd game. We maybe took a light benched London side for granted and that almost cost us as we were lucky to hold on. London still have some quality in their line-up and considering we face them in back-to-back games this weekend we will make sure we don’t make the same mistake twice.
I think the guys may have been looking towards Sunday’s game in Chelmsford because this was the biggest game of the year. Chelmsford raced out to a 2-0 lead after the first period, but during the second period we really got our act together and played some good hockey. In all fairness, we actually outplayed them for large parts of the game. Even though we lost the game, I feel the shot count was embarrassing. They claimed we only had 19 shots on target, but that was very far from the truth and at times we had them on the back foot. I don’t actually ever remember playing such a strong game in that rink and it was awesome to see the guys battle back from being 2-0 down, I just wish we could have held on for the two points. We have lost our fair share of games in Chelmsford over the last five seasons, but this game was one of the toughest to take.
We now have to shift our focus to winning our remaining games and make sure we get the highest seed possible heading into the play-offs. We are still in both cup competitions and have had a decent run of results during the course of the year and I think the final couple months are going to be exciting.
This upcoming weekend we head to London to play the Raiders on the Saturday and then home to play them again at the cube on Sunday evening. After last Saturday’s game we will make sure to be ready for them and I’m guessing there will be some physical pain for the fans to enjoy.
Hope to see everyone on Sunday.

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