Relaxing Sunday off!

Sorry I didn’t get my comments off last week, it was a very busy week and to be totally honest I wanted to move on from what happened with the two losses.
Last night we played a pretty solid game against Streatham, we drew the last time we played them away and this time we were cautious to make sure we didn’t drop another point to them.
We came out and got an early goal and even though they made it a 2-1 game at one point, I didn’t feel the game was under threat at any point. This team of ours has no trouble scoring goals, and that should be exciting for the fans, over the last few years scoring has been our problem and it looks like this years team is having fun and putting the puck in the net. It’s our defensive game that has been frustrating. We sometime look for more goals when we don’t need them, but last night was a very solid defensive game. We only gave up 28 shots and that is below the 30 I want to give up each game.
We have had some pretty good training sessions of late and I would expect that to carry on this week. We have two massive games this weekend on home ice. Saturday we face off against Gosport and I would be expecting a much more orgaised team now that Steve Gannaway is running their bench. Steve’s experience will rub of on their players and I’m expecting it to be one of the best home games of the year. Even our games that have been played in Gosport this year have been full of atmosphere and I would imagine they’ll bring some support to help fill our rink. Sunday the Dynamos come to town and to be perfectly honest, we owe them big time. They came back from 4-0 last Sunday to beat us and I’m pretty sure our guys won’t be forgetting that any time soon.
We really need a four point weekend to stay in contention for the league title. The players know that and I’m pretty sure they will be up for both games this weekend. I know it’s not ideal for two home games in one weekend, but we really need your support for both games. To be perfectly honest, I don’t think you’ll get a better opportunity this season for such a great weekend of hockey, so get down to the rink and support the team!

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