The League is heating up!

This past weekend was a major test for our hockey club, on Saturday we faced a high-flying Invicta Dynamos team that absolutely embarrassed us home and away a few weeks back. We responded very well and earned a hard fought 6-3 win on home ice. I would say that was the most complete game of the season and every player played their part. On Sunday we went to Chelmsford and lost 5-3. I don’t think the score line gives us the credit we deserve and at the end of the day it’s two points that we have missed out on. We played very well in the first half of the game, but when we give that team an inch they take a mile and know how to punish teams for silly defensive break downs.

We have more league action this upcoming weekend as we host the Bracknell Hornets on Saturday and then travel away to Invicta on the Sunday. I like the improvements our team has made over the last couple weeks and the Chelmsford home win last week and the Invicta win this past Saturday has really shown we have made improvements to our game. If we want to stay in contention for the league, this run-up to Christmas is going to play a vital part. Everyone has Invicta and Chelmsford down to win the league, and that’s fine by us, we will just continue to get better and hopefully pick up as many points as possible along the way.

This week in training we will be working on our defensive game, against a skilled team like Chelmsford it was evident at times that we lacked a bit of awareness in our own end. We have a very committed group this year and combining that work in training and a video session on Thursday I think we can solidify that part of our game in time for this weekend.

I was surprised the crowd wasn’t a little bigger on Saturday considering how important the game was, let try and get the rink packed this Saturday. It’s our only home game until Christmas and the guys love playing in front of the big crowds we usually get.

Thanks for every-ones continued support and see you Saturday.

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