3 Point Weekend.

I was looking forward to this weekend and seeing a couple new rinks in the league. On Saturday we made our way to Streatham and their new rink is fantastic, I wish we could get more rinks like that popping up around the UK.

The result was one I wasn’t overly impressed with, we drew 4-4 and I feel it was a point lost rather than a point gained. We had the lead on three different occasions and as far as I’m concerned made some silly mistakes each time to let them back in it.

On Sunday we travelled to Milton Keynes and that rink is a whole other story. I think it’s great the effort they have put in to get an ice pad, but I’m not certain it’s fit for senior hockey. We came away with a 3-1 win and the young lad they had playing goal for them was awesome. He faced 79 shots and really made some great saves. They worked hard as they always do and they may surprise a few teams if they get used to that ice surface.

This week we travel to London to play my favourite team and on Sunday we head across the Solent to play the Devils. These are 4 points that we need if we want to stay around the top of the league. There’s been some negativity on the forum of late and I know our results have been mixed, but we are tied for first at the moment with Invicta and Chelmsford and I think that’s positive.

We have scored just as many goals as Chelmsford and before Invicta’s game against MK we had as many as them in the same amount of games. So, we are hitting the back of the net more frequently than last season. Our biggest problem is our play in the defensive zone. We understand that we give up too many shot against and it is something we are trying to address by watching video and working on certain things in training.

As for new players, I am always on the look-out. Any coach that says they aren’t looking are lying and I always want to better the team. If I can find players that are better than the ones we already have, we will make a move. I have brought people in each year that I have been here and I hope to do the same again this year. It’s getting to crunch time now when it comes to the league and the guys will be ready for both games this weekend.

Have a great weekend and hope to see you at one or both games this weekend.


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