Another Sunday Defeat in Chelmsford.

We only had one match this past weekend and it was against Chelmsford at the Riverside and a all too familiar result happened. It’s hard to be totally negative about the result, but a loss is a loss. We absolutely out played and out shot Chelmo for the first half of the game, but things fell apart later in the game.

It was great to add Loris Taylor to the team this week and he made his presence known right from the start. He scored a goal and had a few other chances along with finishing his hits and skating very well throughout the game. I’m sure when he settles with a couple line-mates he’s going to become a very popular player on our small ice surface in Ryde.

This week we head to Cardiff for our only league game of the week. They always give us a problem and I’m sure this won’t be any different. We need to get some lines settled down and work on our power play. Like I said earlier, we played very well for the first part of Sunday’s game, but we need to make sure we don’t drop our heads when a quick goal is scored against us early in a match.

I now have a influx of forwards and it was something I didn’t want to happen this season, but it has. I may take a step back this weekend and see what lines work the best together and see who wants to play for their spot on the top three lines. We haven’t had this quality in our line-up and it’s about time we had some competition through the team so guys are held more accountable for their play.

I just want to let the fans know that I’m not happy with the result this past weekend and we will be working hard this week to make sure we are ready for our trip to Cardiff. We are still undefeated in the league and we will want to keep that roll going for as long as possible.


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