No Point Weekend…

I’m not sure where to start when talking about this past weekend, I think it’s fair to say that we didn’t have a very good weekend against the Dynamos. We were out scored heavily in both matches and at times it was like boys against men. I would also guess that the guys are very embarrassed by the performances, especially the one on the Saturday night at home.

The Ryde arena has become a very difficult place for teams to come over the last few years and for one reason or another it wasn’t our night. Invicta came out of the gate hard and played a very offensive minded game like they always do. With the new forwards they have brought in it was no surprise that if we didn’t play our game we were going to get found out, and that’s exactly what happened. Not to make excuses, we didn’t play well at all, but when looking at the shot count, Invicta had 60 on us compared to the 56 we had. Douglas and Huska were the difference on that night and we didn’t contain him the way we should have and spoke about before the match had started. We didn’t get the traffic that was needed in front of Douglas and I don’t think we worked as hard as we could have.

I’m not going to bother going over Sunday because the exact same thing happened.

I can pick out a few positives from the weekend, firstly Matt Coloclough is back to his best. He played outstandingly all weekend and we didn’t help him at all. All of Invicta’s goals were because we failed to pick up players coming back into our end and there is no excuse for that other than we just weren’t working hard enough. The other positive was that Huska was kept off the score sheet on Sunday, Corey Watkins did a fantastic job keeping him in check all night and if we could have played just as well against the other top players on their squad the result would have been different.

The difference to this year’s Invicta team is that they have more depth and finally have a quality goalie, they deserved both wins, but they still give up a lot of shots against, both games we had well over 40 shots and that should have given us a better chance to win.

I know what is needed to improve the squad and I’ll be working hard this week in training to make sure guys are held a little more accountable in the defensive zone. We have a team goal of only giving up 30 shots against per game and when we play a team like Invicta, 120 shots over the course of two games is unacceptable.

It’s still early yet and since we have had good teams over the last few years consistent effort is needed to keep the fans happy and I understand that. People do need to realise that weekend’s like this do happen, but we need to make sure they don’t happen very often and we learn from them.

Geoff, Steve have always done a great job supporting me during tough weekends like the one that has just past, but It’s my job to get the best out of the guys and I’m sure this weekend will see us turn it back around.

I hope everyone can look ahead to next weekend and get behind the team.

See you Saturday.


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