Fixtures are almost complete!

I received an email from Steve last night and the fixtures for next season are almost complete. I like taking a look through them and seeing when the games are and I’m sure the fans do the same.

They look pretty good so far and it looks like the start of the season will be our busiest time of the year. We will need to get off to a really good start this year and I am hoping to get the guys in a week or so earlier than we normally do to get ready.

It looks like this years league will be the most competitive to date, it’s good to have Romford back in the league and Invicta has definitely improved from last year.

I think this years team will be a little more skilled and fitness will be a major priority for the team. We have always played well on home ice, but sometimes struggled away from home due to the change in ice pad size and our general fitness levels. We will also be changing our style a play a little bit this year, we have always been a defensive minded team and that won’t change. With a increased focus on fitness this year we will not sit back and let teams come at us, we will be chasing pucks all over the ice and making things happen. I think this is possible because of the new players we have brought in and it will be my job to make sure the guys know how we want to play right from the start of the year, so we can get off to the best start possible.

The shirt design is done and the final sponsors are being sent through to the shirt company. I will be messaging the guys over the next couple weeks to see what size and number they want. I also need to start my equipment order for the upcoming season tape, pucks, laces, sticks and any other bits that are needed must be ordered before the guys get to town at the start of September.

We still have a import to sign, I am looking high and low at the moment and have about 4/5 guys that my be of interest. I’ll let everyone know the minute I have a contract sent back.

Hope everyone is getting excited for the season, I can’t wait to get started.

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