Coach’s Corner

Not much has changed since the last Coaches Comments, but I have been in contact with a British defenceman. I am hoping to hear back from him on Tuesday evening, if he commits for the season it will give us six solid D-men and that’s where I wanted to be to start the season.

The shirt design is complete for this year and the colours will remain the same, but we will have some different striping this year. We are just waiting for some final sponsors to be finalized and then the order will be placed.

Steve was at the fixture meetings over the weekend and it looks like this season is shaping up to be the most competitive yet. Invicta and Chelmo look stronger then ever, but I don’t think people should count Romford out, I see them making some surprise signings over the next couple of weeks.

The next step for me is to get equipment ordered, to do that I need to message each of the guys and see what bits they need to start the season. Some people don’t realize that players use different types of sticks, so it’s my job to find out what curve and stiffness each player likes to use and then source out the best place to buy them.

Nothing to report on the import front, I have a very busy week at work ahead of me and after it’s over I will be putting my full attention to securing the right import for our team.

Hope everyone is enjoying their off-season.


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