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The off season seems to be moving rather quickly this summer, we have announced a number of players and over the next couple weeks I will be looking into our import situation for next year. I’m in my first year of teaching and this time of year is busy, so once I get through the next couple week I’ll be putting 100 per cent effort into finding an import.

I think the team is shaping up alright, we have brought in some scoring depth up front and our defence and goaltending will look virtually the same as last year. As the lines are looking right now, we will have some really good size at the centre position, with all three centremen over 6’2. I’m not exactly sure how the lines will work out, but I am sure they will be balanced, so we will be rolling three lines. Since 2010 when we won the league, every team that has won the league has had three lines that contributed on the score sheet. I think the league has improved and prior to 2010 winning the league was possible with only two scoring lines, now teams need depth in order to win.

We have some players not returning and one of those players is Alex Murray. Alex was a fantastic servant to the club and we wish him all the best in Gosport this upcoming season. Alex is a team first guy who is very dedicated to his hockey and I’m sure he will help their team on the ice with his hockey smarts and skill. Making decisions on who to have back is the worst part of the job, but as a team evolves it’s important to try and bring new people into the organisation.

Also not returning is Aiden Doughty. Aiden has been given an opportunity to go and play in Canada and at his age a year away could be very beneficial for him. He is at an age where he needs to play and I’m hoping in a years’ time we can be discussing a possible return for him with the Raiders.

As I said earlier, I’ll be looking at the import situation and also getting in touch with all the players that are signed and finding out how their summers are going. I also will be designing next year’s jersey, this is something I really enjoy. We will be keeping the same logo and colours, but we will be switching the striping and design of it. I’m not sure exactly to what yet, but I think people have been happy with the designs the last few years, so I’m hoping for the same this season.

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