First week of the off season.

It’s been a busy week recruiting wise, it seems every year we have to be quicker contacting players and getting them signed before the other teams swop in and make contact.

We have a few signings already, but we are going to take our time releasing the names as the off-season wears on. I’m very happy with the signings of Matt and Damon, these are two players that lead our team on and off the ice and will give us a good foundation to build our team around.

I have one new player to announce and this player is going to give us some scoring that we lacked last year. I think it’s obvious that we need to upgrade in a few positions, finishing second in the league and play-offs is a good season, but I want to do my best in upgrading the team to see if it will help us towards the league.

I will be making contact with all the remaining players this week, as a coach this is a difficult time for me because the reality of hockey is that we can’t have the exact team back as we had last year. Last year’s team was one of the best teams I have been around, everyone got a long and the locker-room was tight. It will be intriguing to see how this team comes together, we need to make sure we better this team so the fans have a team to be proud of.

We had a fantastic turn out for the end of season party on Saturday night and it was good to see the guys for the last time before our summer break. It looks like exciting times for the Raiders, a couple new sponsors have been named and if we can build off the awesome crowd we had at the Play-off finals the sky is the limit.

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