Coach’s Corner

Southeast Trophy Champs
Who would have thought we would have been able to turn over Chelmsford in order to win the cup after that horrible night on the 23rd. I wasn’t really sure we could do it, but after a long, hard week of training, I’m really pleased with how the guys responded. We added in a couple off-ice workouts before training and I think that made a massive difference considering how fast a team Chelmsford is. We needed to identify what makes Chelmsford’s team so good and figure out a plan to stop them, they have easily the most talented forwards in the league and we did a good job over the two legs stopping them.
I like how our group battled, we played as if it was a Cup final and every guy chipped in one way or another. I made some line changes last Tuesday for training and tried to balance the three lines out, we don’t have the most offensive team, so I thought it would be a good idea to try and spread the quality that we do have around a little more.
I would like to take this time to thank the fans for the great support they gave us on home ice on Saturday and for the few that made the trip to Chelmsford on Sunday. We really appreciate it and the team couldn’t do it with out you.
This weekend we get back to league play, we have Bracknell visiting on Saturday. Bracknell is a funny team, they have beat some very good opponents this year and also lost some games they shouldn’t have. We will continue with our off-ice workouts and training will be stepped up this week, we have to keep pace with Chelmsford and Romford and the only way to do that is to make sure we are prepared and don’t lose any points along the way.
If you are a fan that’s thinking about not about coming each week, I think you should. We are in the hunt for the league and each game could be the difference whether we win it or lose it come the end of the year. I’ve been telling the guys all year that we are fortunate to be playing such important games at this point and our intensity should always be consistent.
Hope to see everyone down at the rink on Saturday,
PS- Has anyone seen the Southeast Cup? If so, can you please have it posted to the Ryde Arena… It’s ours now.

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